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About Future Docs

From Rhode Island Public Radio, Future Docs is a radio and online documentary project that follows the experiences of medical students and residents as they become doctors. They are our “Future Docs.” Our key question: what’s it like to become a doctor today in Rhode Island, and how is that changing? Along the way, we’re talking to experts, analyzing relevant news, and looking beyond Rhode Island’s borders to create a richer picture of doctor education today.

Our Future Docs’ experiences are a window into a changing world—a world in which we all have a stake. First, our health care system is undergoing massive change – from fostering new, patient-centered approaches to care, to covering a broader swath of Americans, to chipping away at health care’s high costs. Next, we’re changing: our demographics are getting older, and more diverse. And then there’s the galloping speed of science, offering medical students and patients new knowledge, new options, and often new ethical dilemmas to master and manage. How we educate our future docs can tell us a lot about how we’re going to address these challenges and changes…and, ultimately, what kind of health care we’ll receive.

So, follow their stories and join the conversation here at Future Docs!


Future Docs is produced by Rhode Island Public Radio health care reporter Kristin Gourlay.

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